About Stormblast Publishing

Founded in 2009 by Markus Staiger as a new publishing company connected to the famous metal-label Nuclear Blast, the goal of Stormblast Publishing from day one was, to give our full support to bands and authors that may not be part of the mainstream, but always deliver very high quality. The bandroster has consciously been kept small so that we can guarantee to be absolutely focussed on the authors and their repertoire.

While Stormblast Publishing started as a lone fighter, the decision was made in 2011 to work together with Kobalt Music Publishing, whose modern and very transparent way of tracking and collecting all kind of publishing royalties is setting new standards and gets a lot of applause from the authors itself as well as in the whole musicbusiness.

It’s the combination of the unconditional passion and the good repertoire knowledge on the part of Stormblast Publishing and the future-oriented, extremely professional and worldwide connected structure of Kobalt Music Publishing that makes us strong.